Sunday, April 12, 2020

Grapevine - Restaurant at HSR Layour, Bangalore

Went to Grapevine once. Tushar suggested that we do a get together there with some office colleagues. Now, this place being in HSR layout makes it very accessible.

The first thing which catches the eye is amazing ambiance. Very nicely done up this place is. Simple set-up, very informal and warm. Small yellow lights all around.

Food also is quite good. Mostly Mediterranean cuisine. Different Types of hummus - all quite good.

Interesting things -

- They serve wine
- Have books lying around you can read
- Have board games one can play
- Have Rubik's cube - 3x3 :)

And most important -
- They make the BEST Cheesecake. See for yourself..

Highly Recommended...

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