Saturday, April 21, 2018

Running circles

Running circles doesn’t always mean that you finish where you started... :)

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Or why I hate running...

I recently picked up running. I have been a runner, sprinter, district level at a sub-junior/junior level. That was many years back when dinasours used to roam the earth. Then job and other things took priority and health took a back stage.

I started going to gym, cycling, swimming and jumping rope some time back, but could never make myself go for a run. My right heal hurt and even if i could cycle a lot, could not get to running beyond a 100m. Bonnie, my other dog, and I started running a bit as part of the morning walk. Like, 50m here and there. This continues for a while, and then one fine day, I said, lets try 5k.

And so, one fine night, at around 9 or 10, I tried running with the app C25k, which roughly translates Couch to 5k. And I was able to finish the day 1 or running 30 seconds and walking for 2 mins and repeat 6 times :). And so decided to run the next day again.. and again the next.. Eventually, I eached 5k in around 32-33 mins. Just reached the 10k milestone, but the consistency still needs to come.

This was the good part.

The issue is that by the time I am back from office, it is already past 9 in the night. Then I change and all, speak to wifey and kid, speak to Star and Bonnie (my dogs). Once they all get tucked in the bed, then the pain starts. When, in the night I sit with myself preparing to go for the run, my brain and my body keep telling me non-stop that today, I should take a break.

“Oh, it was a long hard day, take a break.”

“Oh, you just plain sleepy, go tomorrow.”

“Oh, you have been running for 5-6 days straight, you will be nuts to go.”

“Oh, you didn’t sleep well last night and body still needs to recover.”

“You cannot run daily, nobody runs daily...”

“You are so fat, your knees will give up. Running is high impact, remember.”

“Aren’t you hungry, just Swiggy something...”

“Federer is playing, you missed the game, watch highlights.”

“Man, tomorrow you need to be in the office at like 9 on the dot for that meeting.”

“The left knee is hurting, let it recover.”

“You dont want to overdo it, just cos you can run 5k, does not mean you can do it everyday.”


I go in slow-motion... pick up a banana very slowly, peel it, keep sitting on the sofa eating it for 10-15 mins, listening to my brain and body telling me why I should not go today...

After half an hour or sometimes 45 mins of reasoning with each other, they both (brain and body) almost fall asleep, at least slow down a bit for sure... That’s where I get up, throw the banana peel in the dust-bin, pick up my running shoes...

And then again they start..

“That’s fine, do just 10 rounds today.”

“Or better even, just walk.”

“You dont have a Garmin watch, its tricky to measure your run on phone.”

“The GPS signal is patchy and will not track correctly.”

“Buy an arm band at least for the phone, rather than carrying in your hand, so inefficient.”

“Why not go to gym today, you need to strengthen your body to run better...”



And then, I wear my shoes, put the jacket on as its cold, around 12 degree C and go down for my run.

Warm-up, run, cool down, stretch.. the routine.

And I love it..

And I hate it, because I know that the next day, my mind and my body will start convincing me to take another break. And again the next day, and the day after next... and I will still go for my run... everyday. 

God, I hate running..

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Choices we make...

People are judged by the choices they make. Today, I chose eating Top Ramen curry noodles over running :). 

Am sure where I am going... haha

Saturday, June 24, 2017

1 Misal, 12 Pav

I was reading and watching some You Tube videos about Misal Pav recently. I was surprised to find out that this item is more than 150 years old.

Where did it start is not clear but most folks think Nashik is the origin. In older days, folks used to make "bhakri", a form of bread made of Jawar/Bajra and used to take misal, which used to provide a good source of protein as it was made of moong dal "usal". For taste, they started putting sev, mixture, onion, lemon etc to that. Some misal also has potato as source of carb.

Pav was not originally associated with misal. Misal in itself was almost a complete meal but folks wanted something with it, so it bhakri they made was not sufficient, then they started adding pav to it.

In Nashik, one can take unlimited tari with misal and so, the idea was to keep taking tari, and keep eating pav with that, thats where the "1 misal, 12 pav" came to being.

Another important consideration with misal is that it has to be "zanzanat", means after eating it, people should start perspiring because of spiciness. There is of course taste of the "usal" in there somewhere, but the typically misal is heavily spiked with mirch, spice. One can round off the taste with yogurt and lemon. That helps for a few not so bold ones.

Misal par has overtime become a staple food for folks in Maharashtra. Other than Nashik, misal pav is available and famous in Nagpur, Kolhapur, Mumbai/Thane and Pune also.

So, whether you are the bold one or not so bold one, go and eat misal-pav as it is a healthy, hearty food.

Enjoy !!!

Skipping 1000 reps in 12 mins

This is amazing feeling. Never thought that I would be able to reach this point. But I can actually do a 1000 reps of skipping in around 12 mins :).

And it feels great !!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2017


मैं विश्मामित्र की तरह तपस्या करता रहा, तिल तिल गलता रहा,दिन में रात में सर्दी में बरसात में, तपस्या चलती रही,
मन में आश्वस्त था, फल गई तो फल गई, वरना मेनका तो कहीं नहीं गई

तपस्या करते करते बाल बढ़ गए, दाढ़ी बढ़ गई, जटा में जोएं पड़ गई।मन घबराया, मेनका इस रूप में देखेगी तो क्या सोचेगी,
मन को समझाया, अरे सोचेगी क्या, उसने बहोतोन की तपस्या भंग की है वोह खूब खेली खायी है,
उसे पता है की यह जटा जूट दाढ़ी मूंछ ही तो हम ऋषि मुनियों की कमाई है

तभी कहीं पायल की झंकार सुनाई दी, वातावरण में मस्ती छायी,मैंने कहा अब के मेनका आई

दूर कहीं बासुरी के स्वर सुनाई पड़े, मेरे कान हुए खड़े,
मैंने कहा यह क्या गड़बड़ घोटाला है,
दाल में ज़रूर कुछ काला है, आँखें खोली तो झटका लगा,
सामने खड़े थे साक्षात् भगवन कृष्ण कनाही।

बोले वत्स, तेरी तपस्या पूर्ण हुई बधाई, तू भवसागर तर गया,
मैंने कहा की मर गया, यह क्या हो गया, यह तो भगवान् जी गए,
मैंने डरते हुए पूंचा भगवन, वो मेनका वाला सीन कहाँ छूट गया

प्रभु बोले, जब भी तेरे जैसा कोई भला आदमी तपस्या करने लगता है,
तो दुष्ट इन्द्र उसकी तपस्या भंग करने के लिए मेनका इनका भेजता है,
मेनका करती तप का हरण, उससे पहले मैंने कर लिया तेरा वरण

मैंने कहा बॉस यह आपने आछा नही किया,
बॉस यह आपने अच्छा नही किया, पता नही किस जनम, का बदला लिया।अब भगवान् हैरान, बोले अगर तुझे मेरी चाह नही थी, तो तू तपस्या करने क्यों लगा?
मैंने कहा मेरे साथ हुआ है दगा.. 

मेरे साथ हुआ है दगा, बात यौं निकली की मैंने TV पे विश्वामित्र की कहानी देखी, 
उसमे मेनका वाला एपिसोड मुझे भा गया, और इस चक्कर में यहाँ आ गया |
... . 

I think the poem is by Shri Om Prakash 'Aditya'. I dont remember the rest and cannot find it anywhere on web. Will complete it if i remenber more.


I have been swimming quite consistently in the past few days. Around 400-600 m per day. And that takes me like 40 mins to do that.

Michael Phelps' world records is at 4:03 secs for 400 m. I am just 10 times slower.

But thats not important, what is important is that I am swimming everyday for the past 4-5 days. 400-600 m.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bahubali - Beginning to the Conclusion

The most awaited films ever I guess - Bahubali - The conclusion. 

The chime of "Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?". It's quite all-pervasive across India. People have taken day off from office to watch this movie. And I am like WOW. 

I think it's so age related. When I was younger, I have stood in line for Amitabh Bachchan movies. Specifically remember Hum when I stood in line since mid night to get the 6 AM show tickets. 

The question is, will I watch the movie? Absolutely, I will. Not he first day first show, but will watch. 

What do I expect from the movie? Well, the same as you expect from such a movie. No story, muscular men, half naked women, non-existent acting. And with the great graphics this movie promises, this already takes it in exceeds expectations category for me. 

So, why did Kattapaa kill Bahubali? How does it matter? And who the hell cares...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

And, the Cube...

Well, yes I started cubing again. Don't think that's a word, this "cubing". But why not. :)

Got my Moyu AoLong and tried to solve it. It does take some time when you are not used to it. My that I was ever the fastest, but used to be able to do under a minute. Now it's more 3 minutes.

Anyways, happy that I am doing it again. Speed will come :). 

Enjoy "cubing".